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The DNA of the English Language

Автор: Jonathan Dunne
Дата на издаване: 01.02.2013
Издателство: Small Stations Press
Търговец: БГкнига ЕАД
Брой в опаковка: 1
Височина: 210 мм.
Широчина: 140 мм.
Страници 112
Тегло: 200 гр.
Твърди корици: Не
10.00 лв.

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This revolutionary book sets out to persuade the reader that the English language is not the result of years of haphazard evolution, a chaotic atomlike conglomeration of words, but a carefully planned whole in which each word has its place and is connected by a consistent set of rules. It is not a coincidence that "earth" is "heart" or "soil" is "soul", for instance, or that "salt" makes us "last" ('You are the salt of the earth') but "last is in fact "lst".
This book journeys from the Book of Genesis and Creation to Revelation and the Last Judgement through the English language, suggesting that language has something to tell us about the environment and that he who would be true to himself is inexorably pushed out on to the margins.

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