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Kabbalah. Sacred Psychology or How to Cultivate Genius

ISBN: 978-954-90401-2-8; Езотерика и окултизъм

Автор: Ivan Nikolov
Дата на издаване: 10.03.2014
Издателство: Vivani
Търговец: БГкнига ЕАД
Брой в опаковка: 1
Височина: 215 мм.
Широчина: 145 мм.
Страници 240
Тегло: 300 гр.
Твърди корици: Не
52.00 лв.

 Изпрати запитване

The author Ivan Nikolov was born on August 1, 1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His book contains scientific discoveries in the fields of psychology, philosophy, astrology and theology. In this work, Sepher ha Yetsirah ( The Book of Creation ) has been decoded. Remaining a secret until this moment, it is the main source of Jewish Kabbalah. With the help of Jewish Kabbalah decoded in this way, it has become possible to unriddle the Egyptian mythology too. Together with the scientific discoveries published in the book, comparisons between different religious and philosophical systems for spiritual development have been made in connection with the ancient Kabbalah doctrine. A comparison has been drawn between the mystic traditions of Kabbalah and Yoga. The occult teaching of magnetism, a part of the Jewish Kabbalah conception, is thoroughly elaborated. A unique description of the essence of creation is adduced in its three aspects : magic, scientific study, art; and methods are suggested for advance in these three fields. Pythagoras philosophical computations encoded into the Jewish Kabbalah message and lost for the humanity, are discovered. In this book, the occult laws determining the structure and dynamics of the Universe, as well as the arrangement of  human psyche are explored and interpreted. The human psyche pattern - examined and encoded through a secret Kabbalistic code many millennia ago - is also presented. The method for its composition and use is described in the book too. The information obtained in this way has turned out to be a clue to absolutely all mythologies, and one of them ( the Egyptian mythology ) has been unriddled and thoroughly clarified in the book. The teaching of harmony of spheres - being an occult doctrine of the music essence - is decoded. The secret theory of music, which used to be an object of research back in Pythagoras time, is presented. The book contains over sixty illustrations.

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