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ISBN: 978-619-7098-06-8; География. Пътеписи

Автор: Gavrail Gavrailov
Дата на издаване: 19.03.2014
Издателство: Меркурий Комерс 97 – Добрич
Търговец: БГкнига ЕАД
Брой в опаковка: 1
Височина: 210 мм.
Широчина: 150 мм.
Страници 96
Тегло: 150 гр.
Твърди корици: Не
11.20 лв.

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“Many people are pretending to be patriots today. It is based on the things they have read in the history books. But the real adoration of Bulgaria is coming via your personal Road. 
The guidebook for Rodopi is your first step to fall in love with this mystical region – so colorful and magnificent. There are many reasons to stay for a while in the mountain - history, traditions, local habits, unknown places. And you will understand why so many foreigners are settled down in Bulgarian countryside. So make your journey with the book in your hands and start exploring the unknown Rodopi especially for you.”
Aleksander Krastev, AzCheta.com