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50 secret places to discover in Bulgaria

ISBN: 978-619-7198-60-7; Пътеводители

Автор: колектив
Дата на издаване: 14.05.2016
Издателство: Фабрика за книги
Търговец: БГкнига ЕАД
Брой в опаковка: 1
Височина: 215 мм.
Широчина: 140 мм.
Страници 184
Тегло: 350 гр.
Твърди корици: Не
20.00 лв.

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This guidebook is different from anything you have ever read about Bulgaria. It will take you to the most secret and secluded parts of our small country: discovered, photographed and described by locals. It will introduce you to places even Bulgarians don‘t know about, show you how to get there, then recount the stories that make these hidden gems so special.