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ISBN: 800227420011; Играчки

Производител: Grozen Entertainment
Търговец: БГкнига ЕАД
Брой в опаковка: 1
Височина: 230 мм.
Широчина: 155 мм.
Дебелина 45 мм
Тегло: 280 гр.
15.00 лв.

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Description: The first Bulgarian Action Figure`Pesh` from the comic novel `Rabies`


PESH. Name: Pesh 222. Age: 19. Born in an illegal bio laboratory. Spends his first ten years in an isolated
environment with no access to the outside world, subjected to a series of experiments, which lead to partial mutations. At the age of 13 he was rescued from the lab by a “Squad” team. The owner of the laboratory, Bernard Pugeaul, was sentenced to 15 years  behind  bars.  Main damage from the psychological experiments on Pesh is a strange affinity for the number “2”, which triggers uncontrollable aggression... At the age of 14, Pesh teaches himself the three foreign languages: human, marine and aerial. His brain is extremely susceptible to acquiring information self-educated in the area of computers. Codes a new software named Penguin, an alternative to Windows. System turns out to be extremely potent for industrial espionage purposes. Ministry of defense learn about that and start working with Pesh222. At the age of 16 he is already a bilionaire, trained and listed in `The Squad` program.

Designed by: Ivan Koritarev